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Ragdoll cicánkkal Cissyvel

The Aquamarine Dolls Ragdoll Cattery is located in Budapest, Hungary.

Cats have always been filled a memorable part in my life. Althogh I like dogs as well, I have always been impressed by the individuality and mysticism of cats.

Before me and my husband decided to take home our first little sweetheart we were thinking a lot about different kind of breeds.

Our dream was to find a breed which could easily adapt to our life, which is very kind and friendly and loves to be with us.

The ragdoll proved to be the perfect breed for us.

Our cats all have tipical ragdoll nature. They are gracious, likeable and very playful „rag-doll” cats.

They act like a puppy, follow the members of the family all over the house.

Our cats eat only high quality, super premium pet food in order to maintain excellent condition and health.

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We are committed to the
responsible breeding of ragdolls.

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