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‘The smallest feline
is a masterpiece.’
(Leonardo Da Vinci)

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Welcome to the website of Aquamarine Dolls Ragdoll Cattery.
We are breeding healthy, beautiful,
pure-bred ragdoll kittens in Budapest, Hungary.

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AquamarineDolls - Available ragdoll kittens

Available ragdoll kittens

Would you like a ragdoll kitten?

AquamarineDolls Ragdoll Cattery
is breeding beautiful, healthy kittens
meeting the ragdoll standards and bearing
all typical ragdoll characteristics.

Available kittens

Our ragdolls

Dolldesire's Qiara
of Aquamarinedolls

„She has been feeling herself
at home in our house
since her arrival. ”

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Famines Hermione
of Aquamarinedolls

„Kneading is her
favorite activity,
especially on our bellies.”

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Elonadolls Zucchero
of Aquamarinedolls

"His funny temperament
makes us smile every day
even on good and bad days."

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Rose Koci Eden
of Aquamarinedolls

"She is a lovely purring machine.
She loves the company
of our other cats."

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CH Diamond Dolls Cissy
of Aquamarinedolls

"She speaks a lot,
if she needs something
she always lets us know."

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The most important considerations for choosing our kittens

Temperament and behavior

Standards, health and appearance

Excellent pedigree

Exactitude and trustworthiness of the breeder

Our ragdolls

“Ragdoll is the perfect choice”

Would you like to know more
about ragdoll cats?

Get acquainted with
the individual personality, behavior
and appearance of the ragdolls.

The ragdoll
AquamarineDolls - The ragdoll

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